MEET John Hanley




Pictured above are the lights of my life: the Beloved Spousal Unit, Julie, with the luckiest man in the USA on a getaway weekend; and (from left) my three boys, Walter, Jack, and Charlie; and my dog, Argos.

I’d like to thank: my students, Will Shortz and all my NPR peeps, my family, and all my friends past and present, near and far.  Special thanks to Walter Hanley for technical support, Jack Hanley for morning walks, and Charlie Hanley for his perpetually angelic presence.

FOR MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE, JULIE: Baby, You’re The Greatest!

Sadly, I have no snappy copy for this space.

Which is no great loss, as I think you’d much rather watch this video of the incomparable Bill Murray reading a bit of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn